You’re close to finding you.

You’re here! You’re no longer lost. Unless you’re reading this and walking around…then you may very well end up lost.

To begin and to be completely honest I have always thought that these sometimes are so silly….yet helpful. No one expects anyone to do anything with themselves anymore but try and get rich quick or make that big career move into money and stability. This blog is to prove that no matter what people think or expect, life always finds a way of changing up on you and just to be ok with it and roll with it. Life, well she’s a real bitch sometimes.

My life is interesting, for me at least, maybe…just maybe for someone else in this world too. I am not some English major or someone who has traveled the world and sat with huge spiritual leaders but….my thoughts matter, everyone’s does. So I decided to share my thoughts, wisdoms, experiences and some beauty tips here and there. I am a licensed Esthetician (Skin Therapist) in the state of Texas. So you can trust my advice.

But before my story paused here and I found myself writing on this very page which you’re now reading. It started somewhere else with other people along the way. Every story about someone’s life isn’t just a one person journey, key players are always present and will influence your life. SO… tonight at 11:05pm on December 17th, 2016 with piano music playing in the background. I take on the adventure with no clear end and no “treasure” in sight. I am taking on this task of sharing “me” with strangers from all walks of life and from all around the world. I have nothing to lose so here it goes. Thanks for reading. Much love and hugs…