A mistake worth making

There are those times when I sit in silence, not really focusing on much of anything and I really just wonder the passageways of my mind. Every now and then I walk down a hall that ends up becoming the hall from the Shining. It’s ominous and you get a feeling of fear and sorrow. I love in such a way that is worth it, more now at 26 then I ever did at age 22 or 24. There is something that just takes over the body and mind and convinces me that its ok to feel this way.

Now I am sure everyone has done this and I have done it several times but its when you look up a celebrity and just kind of read their twitter feed or interview video’s on YouTube. You then start to get an idea of who they are or what they stand for in their life. Because most movies stars you just shake your head at or you idolize. I don’t really idolize celebrities. I think they’re people just like you or I, but have money and the options that money gives them. So as I aimlessly wonder through the twitter-verse, I come upon Chris Evans.

OOooooOoo….Chris Evans, Captain America to some. For me he’s just an actor. The more I read his posts or even watch his videos. He becomes more Chris Evans the man to me not Chris Evans the movie star. He’s just advertised as cool because of the several moments he posts or captures with his phone. Beneath that good looking face is a boy. A boy who values Legends of the Fall and his own family. Someone anyone would be proud of to be with or to know. Not really affected by his status as a celebrity but more of less uses it to be heard and send messages of love and compassion out in the world.

Sadly the world we live in, is a world where you have to be stupid to get noticed, hopefully that is coming to an end and people who are my age or around it will make something of themselves. It doesn’t matter how big or small the gesture is. “A single rain drop can raise the oceans”. When I do something, I try not to think about all the popularity I will obtain from it (if any at all) but more or less is it going to make a difference in the world I live in? I don’t have super powers and I don’t think I’d really want them. Everyone wants something that sets them apart from the normal. The greatest power anyone has, is the capability of wielding love at their own will. My favorite/recent example about love, which that may be the most relevant to most people is the story of Lillie Potter and Harry from J.K. Rowlings amazing books. J.K. wrote it beautifully that her character’s love was her ultimate power to make a difference in a world of darkness, fear and hopelessness, was to love. Sacrificing herself so her son could change the world and spread the love she gave him to unify people and bring about change that actually meant something for everyone. It makes my soul burn bright with happiness.

Anyways, I guess my soap box probably broke somewhere in the middle of this rant. Regardless, Chris Evans; authentic and kind who loves his mama. The majority of society; sweet Jesus we need help. Hopefully not for long will I feel like this. lol


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