When the Sun Rises…

I woke up today and I honestly felt the world on my chest, or so it seemed. The drive to get up and start moving was there-in the mind….but lost in the actual action. How do you love when you’re broken? How do you move when you’re scared to enter the world?

You just do it. Now I know how stupid that sounds. Things that work, don’t always need to make the most sense. But you just move on and move along. Ironically, the day was so cold and I felt it as I walked around my neighborhood. Thinking about why I felt like this hurt earlier in the morning. Nothing came of it because my face was so frozen it hurt and to think about anything else was hard. I do know from previous experience, time heals….it will also change you. You just have to look past the revolving door to decipher the illusion and realize the weight of this world is only in my mind. In my mind, I am the ruler, I am the Stan Lee of my universe. The universe where I believe in magic and superheroes and villains. I can create and remove anything in my life. Giving something power gives them power over you. Don’t do that.

This world won’t take away my power. When we were younger we were told to have an imagination. As an adult were told to come back to reality. Interesting thing to say to a child when you tell the complete opposite later in life. Were such assholes to ourselves sometimes. haha.

Sometimes you get ideas and you just have to run with them…..love your mind and the places it can take you.



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