I don’t want to be Immortal

Forever is a long time and I don’t think people actually realize what they’re saying when they say, “Forever”. Part of the human race is to feel and let go and to feel again. I love him but if my world is to end in fire then I’d take that as a respectful choice.

When you love someone, they always leave way sooner then you actually expected.

He knows I think about him. He knows that my love for him will never end and I wish him the best.

If being an immortal means I have to harbor this feeling someone where in my heart forever. I don’t want to be immortal. Everyone in the world seems to be chasing after time and wanting a do over when they shouldn’t.

Loving him was not a mistake, my mistake was realizing too late what he meant to me. Or what I meant to him. Hindsight is always 20/20

He has to know….for me to do it all over, I would give everything and anything.

Loving someone means that even if you fight, you fight for him. Even when you don’t know why you’re with him. You remember that you’d do it over again and again because that what I want to do the rest of my life….as long as it’s with him.

I am learning to let go of my past mistakes. They’re there….taunting me every time I turn around to see if they’re still there. I’ll never forget what is behind me. I am the one who made my path after all. Forcing myself to see a new path. I give myself my superpower to leave the path and find a better. I only hope to see him on my new path as a new me.

I wasn’t ready for the love I received. I am now…





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