Millennials…a job honest truth

As embarrassing as it is to admit. I am unemployed and have been since I graduated from esthetics school and although I practice my skills on the side it still is discouraging to not have a steady paycheck. For me it comes down to being prideful and not wanting to settle. For others it may be their upbringing that gave them the idea they had the silver spoon but really it was wooden. As a millennial we are a generation that probably demands being handed opportunity and expects things to be easily obtained. I sit here today to explain how this is not how the world works. As much as I told myself that I knew this knowledge, I still acted as if I didn’t respect the knowledge. I just was all talk. Which is even more of an embarrassment to admit. Knowing ones own flaws help shed light on it for other people to see theirs.

Successful medical career, really invested time into and then I changed my direction in skincare. Similar but definitely not in the same ball park. I had to adjust my way of thinking, thinking that I was entitled to hold a elevated position with a spa or company wasn’t true. Maybe for a medical clinic I could have that option but I started over. You have to start from some where….you have to be brave enough to start from the bottom because it needs to be done. It doesn’t mean that we are not worthy of more. If you actually think about it. How often do you read a job review (Glassdoor) and they say management didn’t know what they were doing. That’s probably because they didn’t start from the bottom. They stumbled into the position and assumed that they knew how it works there because of past experience. It’s true. Look it up….there are so many companies and so many of these kinds of reviews. Either disgruntled employees or pure honesty. There is a truth to it. Be a better manager, be a better provider for the company you want to represent.

Take your time to accept that you’re not going to be the top bitch in your company, today. Persevere  and stay on the path and things will gradually come to pass and you may find yourself the most admired boss or leader. Instant gratification doesn’t make you a better adult in the long run, it just proves you knew a shortcut…who ever obtained true success through shortcuts? If you’re on the fence about a job and they want you to start over and you think you can be better some where else. Think about the longevity of your success and if this path will take you there.


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