Skincare: High-End versus Barg-end

It’s always been a debated topic that high-end products are more effective than regular over the counter products. As much as I love higher caliber products not all are the best and while department store brands are crap, not all are useless and snake oil. Most of the time. A tip; find out what your skin actually is needing to obtain optimal results for your skin.

Take a moment to really evaluate your skin problems. Seek out an esthetician at your local spa or beauty store. Feeling like you have to buy expensive products to see a result is stupid and you shouldn’t feel like that. The main concern should be what does your skin need? Moisture? Exfoliation? Correction? Thousands of products all claim to do the exact same thing and you’re caught in some kind of personal turmoil about which one is actually better. Better for what? The company that’s trying to sell it or actually for you. I believe in allowing people to make their own decision about what they want, I only give them the direction, how they choose to get to their destination is in their hands. Heeding my advice and listening to me is probably going to take them down a road which has a better outcome in a shorter amount of time. Hoofin’ it solo is perfectly acceptable as well but you need to be aware that not all products will give you what you want. Professionals who are trained in the products and techniques can help you. Expensive products wont give it to you faster either. You’re being a chemist on your face and skin therapists are the master chemists when it comes to your skin. Getting a facial at least once a month is recommended. Due to city pollutants and uncontrollable factors our skin takes a beating every day and it takes someone who can just closely look at your skin to really know whats going on and how to keep you on a good path. Products and assumptions do you no favors.

I have found that several department store products actually do amazing things for my skin and really help with the current problem I am facing at the time. Whether it be dryness or acne, even some sun damage. You just have to be aware about what’s out there and what is actually working. Trusted names are always a great start but not required. Product lines that have been around the block are always the best. Lancôme, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Skin Medica, etc. Most product line have a doctor behind them or a bunch of science to really prove their products have an affective ingredient.

Skin medica.png

The fact of the matter is, is that products are only as good as the science and the intention that goes into them. Take into consideration that all the product lines I mentioned earlier have product lines have been around for a long, long time. They’ve had time to see what works in the beauty world and what is just not helping. Pulling products, developing new products and enhancing an already successful product to make it better are excellent business practices as a skincare or beauty company.


Estee Lauder is probably my favorite company because they have basically become an umbrella corporation and house some of the best companies out on the market. Allowing people to move from expensive to affordable all while maintaining the feedback from each consumer. To really grow and mold to what the public is using and just likes in general.


For companies that are considered to be “new” or “unknown” they have some work to do. That’s not saying what they are producing isn’t working. I’ve found through out my personally long skincare journey some unpopular brands are actually the better option for me. No one said you had to pay a fortune for a moisturizer. “Natural can actually be better for your skin and its specific needs. Remember that everyone’s skin is unique like their fingerprint. So it stands to reason that one skincare line, whether expensive or department store will work better for your skin concerns. Botanicals and natural ingredients have made a huge name for themselves in the skincare world. More and more companies are stearing away from the chemically dependant products and infusing them with natural botanicals such as Willow Bark Extract (Salcylic acid). As science and technology advance so will our skincare.


I am a nobody when it comes to being an influence in the beauty industry. But I do know that a product which is so bold to state “they’ve taken out everything that you dont need and is only giving you what your skin needs”, is a load of crap. I’m not saying they’re lying but that’s a blanket statement targeted for people who have no idea whats going on with their skin, and last I checked a company’s skin rep’s aren’t coming to your house to check your skin out in the mirror with you.

For now at least, I do plan on making it big and being an influential person in this field. I have to start somewhere though. Helping people is what I do and knowing that people can’t always afford the products they want I still help and educate on how they can obtain great skin or a better glow.

Step One: See a Skin Therapist once a month

Step Two: Stay consistant with your skin care.

Step Three: Whether with me or some other professional, ASK LOADS OF QUESTIONS!

Step Four: Be prepared to face reality about your favorite products. (Sometimes they’re not as great as you may think)

Step Five: Always smile. Being happy is just a good rule of life. No one likes a downer.

Stay young where it it matters most to you.





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